Sex Trafficking Runs Rampant in America

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2012-05-14 - Sex Trafficking Runs Rampant in America

Sex Trafficking in the U.S. Called ‘Epidemic’:

(When she first showed up at Children of the Night, a privately funded residential facility, “Jane” was angry. Arrested more than 20 times as a prostitute, she had been hardened by the street. She threw things at her counselors. Everyone was terrified by having to deal with her.

“She was just afraid. She was used to being treated so rough,” said Lois Lee, the Los Angeles group’s founder and president. “She didn’t know what to do with someone nice.”

Jane, not her real name, was just 14 when her life was taken over in Seattle by a 36-year-old man who said he loved her and promised to give her a better life. It was an easy sell: She was the product of a troubled home, where she was sexually molested by her father’s roommate. The abuse began when she was 4 years old. She also was molested at the day care center where she was taken every day.

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My Commentary: Meanwhile, in other news, slavery is at an ALL-TIME high:

Shoutout those serfs still clinging to the flimsy claim of “progress” as justification for the world we live in, today.

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