More American War Crimes, Exposed!

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American Military Torture Victim, Abu Zubaydah

American Military Torture Victim, Abu Zubaydah

Destroyed Videos Showed US Torture Victim ‘Vomiting and Screaming’:

(Jason Ditz, New information on the torture of detainees in custody at CIA “black sites” has come to light, revealing that the videotaped torture of Abu Zubaydah, tapes destroyed in 2005 by the CIA, showed Zubaydah “vomiting and screaming” after being stripped naked and waterboarded.
CIA legal counsel John Rizzo termed the videos “very disturbing” but insisted that all of the torture was “legal” at the time and that the videos were “extraordinarily hard to watch.”

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My Commentary: As usual, in America, it’s more important to protect war criminals than to protect BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS… And, the torture victim mentioned has never even been formally charged with a crime, either…

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