Spy Drones to Detect Pre-Crime, and Keep Americans “Safe” and “Secure”

The following correspondence originally took place here, on the Facebook wall of political activist, Paul Joseph Watson

2011-09-29 - Spy Drones to Detect Pre-Crime, and Keep Americans 'Safe' and 'Secure'

Paul Joseph WatsonPentagon Developing Spy Drones to Spot “Adversarial Intent”

Samil C.: Paul all this is totalitarism and authoritarism!

Samil C.: Poor generation of us!

Jerry H.: My god does it ever end?

Rayn: This is PRE-CRIME! Yet, we are all born INNOCENT!

Carole M.: false beard and moustache people..the only way to go..a la monty python life of brian..specs and buck teeth optional..

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