Discussing Disturbing Medical Criminality

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Stacie T….

Keemonta Peterson and Dr. Kermit Gosnel

Keemonta Peterson and Dr. Kermit Gosnel

Stacie T.Keemonta Peterson – Jailed After Circumcising Baby With Box Cutter And Pliers:

Sara: What a disgusting piece of shit.

Sara: Seriously, what a fucking retard. She “read the bible” and “watched youtube video”? So suddenly you’re a fucking doctor? How cruel can one person be. No pain medication, no anesthesia, just decided it was time to circumcise her son and then let it bleed uncontrollably for 2 hrs before calling 911. I feel sick to my stomach, I hope her son goes to a better home and never sees this psycho again.

Stacie T.: Read up on Dr. Kermit Gosnel and his illegal late term abortion clinic. It will really make you sick. He practiced the daily murder of viable infants via scissor to the spinal cord until a patient was killed by an overdose of anethesia in January. He had untrained teenagers administering the anesthesia and jars with infant parts stored all over the filthy office.

Rayn: How putrid! Now, Gosnel is a TRUE psychopath! The woman above seems to be more like a complete and total moron, dangerously lacking in common sense (though, I could be wrong)… Either way, they BOTH sick people that deserve to be exposed, ridiculed, and shunned, regardless of their motives…

Stacie T.: Psychopath is too light a word for an individual who refers to a living child as a “chicken with his head cut off” as he murders it in his own hands.

Sheryl P.: that’s sick 😐

Stacie T.: No kidding! And he was doing this for over 40 years. Some of the jars found in the raid of his office dated back 30 years.

Sheryl P.: and no one thought to report his ass before now? what kind of world do we live in 😡

Stacie T.: He lost his lic in PA, but that didn’t stop him from opening up anywhere else. The women he butchers don’t report him because they fear prosecition themselves. After all, they knowingly sought out and paid for late term abortions of their babies at a viable point of development. They are criminals, however desperate and uneducated they may be. I’m totally pro choice. My choice is NEVER A CHANCE IN HELL, but that’s MY choice. However, if the pregnancy is that far along, it’s not abortion anymore. It’s murder. If you don’t want your kid and you’re in your in your 3rd trimester, it’s time to call the adoption agency, not the abortion doctor.

Sheryl P.: It’s murder from the time you can hear a heart beat at 4 weeks.. but I’m pro choice too to an extent if you have financial reasons or medical conditions I’m all for it. however if you’re healthy and doing it for selfish reasons, well… God will deal with you when it’s time >^.^<

Rayn: “Some of the jars found in the raid of his office dated back 30 years.”

Just like any other serial killer, this psychopath was sure to collect “trophies,” so that he could relive his butchery, again and again… Sickening!!!

Sheryl P.: that’s just sickening -.- I hope they give his ass the death penalty 😐

Rayn: “Psychopath is too light a word for an individual who refers to a living child as a ‘chicken with his head cut off’ as he murders it in his own hands.”

I think that the word psychopath is a very accurate word to describe this lizard. However, the word has definitely lost much of its meaning through repeated misuse, and overuse…

Stacie T.: This piece of shit even thought enough to have a clean room set aside for the white women because they are more likely to complain about unsanitary conditions. This is just a plain knowingly evil monster making his profit on murder.

Rayn: A few times in the past, I have researched the topic of psychopathy… There are a few things that really distiguish these PARASITES from even the average criminal mind…

Much like sociopaths, psychopaths typically show a “Lack of Remorse or Guilt, meaning a lack of feelings or concern for the losses, pain, and suffering of victims; a tendency to be unconcerned, dispassionate, coldhearted, and unempathic. This item is usually demonstrated by a disdain for one’s victims.”

Both groups also exhibit, “Callousness and Lack of Empathy, meaning a lack of feelings toward people in general; cold, contemptuous, inconsiderate, and tactless.”

(Here’s a little test on psychopathy: http://www.arkancide.com/psychopathy.htm)

The main difference between a sociopath and a psychopath is that sociopaths are more nervous people, and also develop a shallow form of care for at least one group of people (family, friends, gang, co-workers, etc), while psychopaths are highly charming, empathize with no one, and behave in a purely predatory manner towards all other members of humanity, carefully planning every step of their manipulative agenda. Also, psychopaths often collect “souvenirs” from their victims, while sociopaths typically do not.

Sheryl P.: I blame the women too though hell they knew what he was doing and were all got it.. Selfish people if you ask me -.-I think all of them need to be tried. The women as accomplices 😐

Stacie T.: I can see some of these women being so uneducated that they don’t even know the abortion laws and I don’t see this asshole as one to offer them up to the patients. However, ignorance of the law does not excuse breaking it. These women ARE at fault. Especially the ones who knew what they were doing.

Sheryl P.: Let’s be realistic… This is the 21st century, there’s no way people don’t know the everyday laws. They teach them in schools, they’re all over the news, in papers. For someone not to know the laws of our country or even the laws of their own state, they’d have be pretty freakin’ stupid. I refuse to believe that women, while they claim ignorance, were really as ignorant to the fact that they were a committing murder, and two unaware that they were breaking other laws as well. It’s just not plausible…

Stacie T.: Unfortunately, the fact is true. There are people that do not know what the laws of their own state are. You are thinking from the standpoint of an aware individual. Not everyone is so aware. Remember that we still have an alarming number of illiterates in our richest and most advanced nation in the world who can hardly spell their own names on their welfare forms. There are frightening numbers young women in this country so uneducated about sex and their bodies that they don’t even know they are pregnant until it is too late for an abortion. It’s sick and it’s sad, but it is also true.

Sheryl P.I didn’t take that into consideration.. Perhaps their parents should be tried for stupidity then no? Or the school system? Think about it. We didn’t grow up in the richest areas.. Hell I was down right poor growing up and I should be a statistic but I refused to be that. I don’t understand the people of today, they’d rather be stupid like it’ll help them out in life when it just leads to sick shyt like this -.- It really makes me sick. Maybe it’s the harmones talking but this crap really irks me that our government allows this kind of stupidity to flourish this day in age -.- It seems to me that people in the “third world” countries, the deprived of education and proper health care and what not are smarter then these women and anyone else stupid enough to allow some shyt like this to happen to their bodies and their children -.- Okay here’s your soap box back I think I’m done LOL

Stacie T.: No, you’re right. It comes down to the choice. You can choose to educate yourself or become a statistic like you said. I fully intend on explaining the…pardon the pun…ins and outs of babies and where they come from to my daughter before her next birthday. When I read magazine articles about how 11 year olds are in competition with internet porn for boys’ attention, I want my daughter to be armed with all the knowledge and self esteem she can possibly have!

Sheryl P.: No shit! Taea’s 4 and she’s already asking asking questions. I don’t intend to be one of those parents that try to explain sex with birds, bees, or any other animal she’s going to told the truth of it when I feel she’s ready. She already knows a stork doesn’t bring babies and they come from a mommy’s tummy not a cabbage patch or any other bullshit. Taea and Bry currently fued over who gets to rub and kiss my stomach. When she’s old enough to understand the words I tell her and the school approved pictures I opt to show her to explain sex I will tell her. I think parents that don’t educate their children in real life things like sex, drugs, and disease are wrong. When the kid ends up fuqing up due to lack of knowledge, the parents act like they have no idea why. Wake up it’s your fault your kid’s in jail, it’s your fault you kid has aids, it’s your fault you kid’s 13 and a prengnant, stop blaming everyone else and do your fuqing job as a parent! 😯

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