Egypt’s Dictator, Mubarak: Made in America

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Egypt's Dictator, Mubarak: Made in America

Egypt’s Dictator, Mubarak: Made in America

America Has Long Supported Egypt’s Dictatorial Leadership:

(  As I wrote Tuesday:

Egypt’s president Mubarak is a yes-man to the U.S., and the fall of the Tunisian and now Egyptian leaders are really the ouster of U.S. puppet regimes in the Middle East.

Indeed, Egypt was for many years the second-biggest recipient of American aid in the Middle East, behind Israel). As leading military publication Janes notes:

Egypt is reliant on US military aid to finance major equipment and this is worth just over 25 per cent of the total defence spend in 2008, US Foreign Military Financing (FMF) is fixed at USD1.3 billion annually.

America has also long provided training to Egypt’s army. See this and this.

And as Free Press notes, American companies have helped to maintain Egyptian leaders’ dictatorial powers:

An American company — Boeing-owned Narus of Sunnyvale, CA — has sold Egypt “Deep Packet Inspection” (DPI) equipment that can be used to help the regime track, target and crush political dissent over the Internet and mobile phones.The power to control the Internet and the resulting harm to democracy are so disturbing that the threshold for using DPI must be very high. That’s why, before DPI becomes more widely used around the world and at home, the U.S. government must establish clear and legitimate criteria for preventing the use of such surveillance and control technology.

(Read entire article here…)

My Commentary: Mubarak is just another in a long line of dictators “made in America,” so to speak. These sorts of monsters are trained, funded, armed and aided by our military with the express purpose of subverting governments around the world! Of course, aiding Mubarak is completely in line with America’s lengthy history of meddling in the affairs of completely sovereign nations, seeking more puppet regimes for the US to control!

Here are a few quick examples:

School of the Americas:

“School of the Americas” is a facility of our own Department of Defense. Yet, this place has been a LITERAL TRAINING GROUND FOR TERRORISTS in South America! Shamefully, our Latin neighbor’s BIGGEST human rights violators, including DICTATORS, DRUG SMUGGLERS & CORRUPT POLICE, graduated from THIS SCHOOL! Their pictures of more notorious graduates, like Manuel Noriega and Augusto Pinochet, line the halls of the school, to CELEBRATE the grisely “achievements” their names carry!

Saddam Hussein was also SUPPORTED, FUNDED and ARMED by our government in the past! In my previous article, “Questioning the Motives Behind America’s Invasion of Afghanistan,” I cited the following links:

Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein:
The U.S. Tilts toward Iraq, 1980-1984

United States Support for Iraq During the Iran–Iraq War:

Don’t forget about the USA’s toppling of IRAN’S DEMOCRACY in 1953, and our installation of dictator General Fazlollah Zahedi! In the same “Questioning the Motives” article I just mentioned, I wrote the following:

Our CIA, at the request of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT (and its OIL companies), OVERTHREW THE DEMOCRATICALLY-ELECTED GOVERNMENT OF IRAN!!! This endeavor was called “OPERATION AJAX“:

Sadly, the reason our government later supported Saddam was because it was still trying to clean up the GIGANTIC MESS IT STARTED 30 YEARS EARLIER!

Also, don’t forget the USA’s toppling of PAKISTAN’S DEMOCRACY in 1977, and our installation of dictator General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. In my previous article, “Under Obama, America’s Military Empire Continues to Expand,” I wrote cited the following information:

“Military coup in Pakistan with U.S. support. Army Chief Gen. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq overthrows the civilian government and hangs Prime *Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1979 after a sham trial.”

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