Obama: Rich Globalist Puppet and War Criminal, Extraordinaire!

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family

Big Spender, Barack Obama

Big Spender, Barack Obama

Genaire: Obama has spent more then any other first term president in history!!!

Jason V.: It’s expensive cleaning up someone else’s mess . . . Lol

Genaire: He’s making a huge mess of his own. Yes he removed a lot of the troops we have in Iraq but we have record numbers of contracted forces in iraq now that make three times what the conventional forces make. Now that these forced have been removed from Iraq we can prepare them to fight in afghanistan and Iran Go Obama lol! Ron Paul 2012

Earlene E.: Not his fault he has to clean behind others. Good U acknowledge he has removed troops form Iraq. Surely, we can find some positive in his actions and focus on that as opposed to the negatives so much. Like Steve Harvey says: “Don’t trip. God ain’t finished with me, yet.”

Jason V.: Yeah, it’s amazing the criticism he gets from only what, 2 years? Lmao . . . It’s crazy how quickly everyone forget the prior 8 years . . . BUSH, remeber him? Probably the worst president in the history of the u.s. . . . . Although time will tell .. . .

Genaire: Okay, my beef is, if we really had no business in Iraq in the first place, why did it take this long to return our troops. Second, does any one really know why we are in Afghanistan (to spread Democracy)? Now its been speculated that we will go to war with Iran. If this guy is the savior why has he not pulled out all the troops in all the countries we are presently invading. We are spending trillions in the name of spreading Democracy and I personally don’t think its our business to spread Democracy to nations that are willing to fight soo hard to reject it. What’s really going on is we are trying to get a line for our pipe lines to the Caspian sea so we can milk the Middle East dry for its oil. Its a practice that Bush put in place and its being followed by Obama the savior.

Rayn: Obama is just another bought-and-paid for puppet of the Elite. He is also a war criminal, too, like Bush. And, just like Bush, he is a member of that 1% sliver of the American public that is super-rich. And, because he doesn’t live in the real world, he does not, and never will, represent the interests of the American people.

Anyone who voted for Obama on the premise that he would end the wars in the Middle-East simply wasn’t paying attention. While Obama did promise, when on the campaign trail, to withdraw substantial combat troops from Iraq… he explained again and again that he would do so in order to send them into Afghanistan! He also promised to escalate covert bombings within the borders of Pakistan, as well!

However, America has no business in Iraq OR Afghanistan (or Pakistan, for that matter)! Our military has been conducting HIGHLY ILLEGAL operations within the borders of these countries every day single day for years now, and it is all justified under the dictatorship of executive-branch-based legal maneuvering! Yet, it ‘s STILL all WAR CRIMES! Even the slightest amount of critical thinking would yield the following results: regardless of who is in charge while it takes place, WARS OF AGGRESSION and TORTURE are WRONG! Therefore, those who have become APOLOGISTS for it now that their “choice” candidate is in office are simply fooling themselves, and STILL AREN’T FOCUSING ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS!

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