The Left/Right Paradigm is Collapsing! Obamanoids are Waking Up!

I originally posted the following video and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

The Left/Right Paradigm is Collapsing. Obamanoids are Waking Up!

(note: original video is no longer available, so a new link has been used)

My Commentary: The EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES! And, of course, while the rest of Obama’s supporters remain snivelingly silent on his many glaring failures, unable to rectify their COGNITIVE DISSONANCE at having been “had,” the BOLDNESS of YOUTH once again CHAMPIONS the TRUTH (as was the case in the original story)! I applaud this young lady for having the courage NOT TO BLINDLY play a game of political “follow the leader.” She understands that she has been fooled, and instead of allowing that fact to shame her into self-censorship, she has used her situation as a LESSON, in order to educate and empower herself with the most important weapons of all in the fight against DECEPTION: the WISDOM of EXPERIENCE, and the KNOWLEDGE of TRUTH!

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