John Forté Creates ‘Oil on the Shore’ Rap about Gulf Spill, Internet Adds Voices

John Forté

John Forté

John Forté Creates ‘Oil on the Shore’ Rap about Gulf Spill, Internet Adds Voices:

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(Jeff Kart, Discovery’s “Planet Green“) – John Forté had been looking for inspiration to finish up a new album. Unfortunately, along came the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf. Rather than let the gushing go on without action (sorry BP), Forté wrote a rap called “Oil on the Shore,” put it on Soundcloud, and is asking the Internet to add the second verse.

So far, so good. The track has a frantic beat and keyboard loop. Forté throws out lines like “black fish” and “six million ways to die.” Sounds about right.

“I left the second verse open,” Forté says. “There’s room to breathe. There’s room to be creative. There’s room to be heard.

“I encourage artists to download the track, write to it, record it and feel that they are included.”

The Internet community is answering the call. Rappers, amateur and professional, can fill in 16 open bars of the song.

Oil on the Shore by John Forte

Zscribe has added his two cents. So has AcidRayn.

What’s your rap name? This situation sure deserves some hardcore commentary.

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