America: Land of the Fee, Home of The Slave

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “America’s Final Solution to the Native American ‘Problem’“…

Rayn: Final Solution:

“Tear the children from their people, then commence the massacre in its totality!”

Watching this video chokes me up. The American government truly engaged in one of the most successful acts of genocide in the history of mankind.

This video reveals the 11 steps that the US government took to destroy Indigenous culture:

1. Slash their hair
2. Strip their clothing
3. Ban their language
4. Abolish their very names
5. Regiment all movement
6. Promulgate the ideology of the whites
7. Terrorize and torture them
8. Rape them
9. Starve them
10. Work them at forced labor
11. Sicken them unto death

Sara I finally got a chance to watch this and was deeply disturbed to find out yet another part of our history that has been kept quiet and not been broadly publicized. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. America and Canada should be embarrassed for the treatment of the Native Americans, especially the children.

Rayn: This information definitely is not public knowledge, and there are too many Americans that would like to keep it that way, so that they can continue believing that America is the “land of the free, and home of the brave,” as opposed to the “land of the FEE, and home of the SLAVE.”

To “America”:
“Ever since the institution of the Constitution, revolution’s been the only solution to fight the mind-pollution! You can’t invoke the rights that YHWH’s given humans, then demand exclusion of His children according to your will instead of His, so you can choose between who dies and lives. That is the DEFINITION of demonic! And, ironic, because you front like it’s a product of Enlightenment. You’ve WASHED THE BLOOD THAT FILLS YOUR PAST WITH WORDS THAT WHITEN IT!!!”

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