Discussing the History of America’s Meddling With Haiti

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “Haitian Ambassador to U.S. COMPLETELY OWNS Pat Robertson using nothing more than HISTORICAL FACT!“…

Rayn: Haitian Ambassador Shames Pat Robertson:

Ha ha! Pat Roberson is an ABSOLUTE CHARLATAN!

Raymond Joseph, Haitian ambassador to the U.S., puts pseudo-Reverend Pat Robertson to shame for his despicable comments about the nation of Haiti, giving him a PROPER lesson in TRUTH and HISTORY!

Kenny C.: this is true!! and haiti had to pay france for the land and them as property…they had to pay for their freedom. 21 million francs or something, which is equivilant to billions. back then.

Kenny C.: and when france lost haiti and all their slaves (their main money source, for coffee and tons of other agriculture)
they decided to just give up on this area, because they didnt see use for the territory…
15 million back then is TRILLIONS now…(not confirmed but its ALOT more then then now!!)

Kenny C.: then they continued doing agriculture in Haiti, but then america started fuckin with them, started invading, then bringing our pigs over there which haitians couldnt afford antibiotics, their native pigs didnt need them…
Also, we started using machinery to mass produce crops, which flooded the market, and brought demand for the higher priced good from haiti, then they couldnt continue keep their farm so they stay poor.

Kenny C.: and the slaves outnumbered the settlers 10 to 1…

Rayn: It is well worth repeating that our government sent “$750,000 in military aid as well as some troops to help quell” Haiti’s slave revolt of 1791, siding with the French:

The Tragedy of Haiti, “The First Free Nation of Free Men”:

As you can see, the slaves of Haiti had a BETTER IDEA of FREEDOM and LIBERTY THEN OUR “FOUNDING FATHERS”! And, ironically, it was TALK of the French Revolution among the white slave owners that inspired their slaves to embrace freedom and rebel against tyranny! Now, THAT is the beauty and penetrating power of truth! TRUTH can only be limited by pure censorship! Because, once THE LIGHT OF TRUTH IS REVEALED, there ARE NO LIMITS to THE DEPTHS IT WILL REACH and RESONATE in the HEARTS AND MINDS of HUMANITY!

Keith M.: say word.

Rayn: WORD!

Sara: My sentiments exactly, I like that Rayn is able to articulate into words and express the way I feel, I would never be able to. I appreciate your research and thorough response!

Rayn: Thanx! I appreciate the compliments, as well as the readership! Both will inspire me to continue to write!

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