Ironically, Ben Stein Shills for Nazi-Collaborating IBM, Then Slanders Ron Paul as “Antisemitic” for Calling US “Occupiers”

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Ben Stein Calls Ron Paul “Antisemitic”:

My Commentary: Last night, actor Ben Stein, Texas Congressman (R) Ron Paul, and Texas Congresswoman (D) Sheila Jackson Lee appeared as a guest on CNN’s Larry King Live Show.

As the panel began to discuss the possibility of privatizing America’s homeland security, Ben Stein made the following shocking comment:

“I’m not a stockholder of IBM, but I think you could give this job to IBM. And in about a month, they’d come up with a system where there would be little dots going off on a million people’s desks in the bureaucracy if somebody like this Nigerian guy was trying to get on an airplane.”

I was very surprised to hear Stein’s words! Why, you ask? Well, if you’ll recall, in my November 2009 post, entitled “IBM Collaborated with Nazis, Used Technology to Process Concentration-Camp-Victim Data During WWI,” I wrote the following:

“International Business Machines (IBM) was founded in 1896 in Endicott, NY, under the name, “Tabulated Machines Company.” In 1911, it was incorporated under the name ‘Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation.’ In 1924, it was given its current title by then-CEO Thomas J. Watson, who oversaw the company during its collaboration with Nazi Germany before and during World War II.

From 1933 to 1945, IBM was hired by the Third Reich to provide them with punch-cards, and custom-configured punch-card reading machines, that would allow the Nazis to quickly and efficiently process concentration camp victim data. With the punch-card machines requiring constant service, and the gathered victim information stored within, IBM housed customer sites in almost every concentration camp, so that the company could keep their operation running smoothly, and quickly tabulate the results of data for their fascist employers. Incidentally, even the infamous Auschwitz arm tattoo began as an IBM number!”

Then, in another November 2009 post, entitled “IBM Internal Document Outlines Knowledge of Planned Pandemic With 100% Certainty,” I asked the following questions:

“Is IBM up to their old tricks? Are they once again colluding with the dark and subversive elements of the world? … Will the governments of the world hire IBM to do the ‘grisly math’ that will be ‘required’ after the next crisis hits, just as the Nazis once did?”

It is extremely ironic that Ben Stein would name IBM as being qualified to handle America’s homeland security – even though the company was a major perpetrator of Holocaust crimes, and still thrives to this day because of the war profiteering and Nazi-collaboration that financed (and defined) it’s existence!!! Stein’s comments not only showcase his ignorance – they expose him as the pseudo-intellectual fraud that he really is. Obviously, he sold his viewpoint to the highest bidder…  (And, the winner? *ding, ding* You guessed it!!! THE OLIGARCHY OF THE INTERNATIONAL MEGA-CORPORATIONS, who CONTROL the FINANCIAL STRINGS of the PUPPET GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD!!!)

With an IBM endorsement under his belt, Ben Stein continued to blather on, apparently unaware that he had already discredited himself from his apparent target audience: individuals with intelligence. Hmmm… The whole scene is actually doubly ironic, considering that the soulless corporate entities of the world would hire an actor to play a professor-like character on a so-called “real” evening news show – in order to create the illusion that a “real” really smart person is a pro-corporate one!

As the panelists began to discuss the recent thwarted suicide terrorist bombing of a Northwest Airlines flight over American skies by Nigerian citizen, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Paul expressed his belief in the would-be terrorist’s claim that his attempted actions were retribution for our military’s bombing of Yemen two weeks ago.

Ben Stein was confused by Paul’s comment, and at a momentary loss for words. The following transcript details their next exchange of words:

STEIN: Well, that’s…  I’ve never heard anything quite like that in my whole life. What he’s saying, basically, is: we are doing something wrong by defending ourselves. Look, if these terrorists are trying to kill the government of Yemen, we’ve got to help defend them. They’re our friends. We can’t just let Al Qaeda run wild.
PAUL: (Why?) (Why?)
STEIN: If we try to stop them, that’s not sufficient provoca-?- Okay. Why should we stop them?
PAUL: (Why?)
STEIN: Because they’re terrorists and murderers and they’re very anti-Ameri-
PAUL: Why are they terrorists?
STEIN: Why should we stop terrorists and murderers? Surely, Congressman, you- What do you think they’re-
PAUL: Why are they terrorists?
STEIN: Because they’re terrorists and murderers because they’re psychos. They’re terrorists and murderers because they’re psychos, same as all terrorists and murderers.
PAUL: (They’re terrorists because we’re occupiers.)
STEIN: But- But, we- No, we’re not occupiers.
PAUL: Ahhh.. See, this is why- this is why we’ll never answer the question-
STEIN: That’s the same anti-Semitic argument we’ve heard over and over again. No, that’s the same anti-Semitic argument we’ve heard over and over again. Look, Larry, I think-
PAUL: (Ohhh. Now, that is) – that is a vicious attack. You are a liar.
STEIN: That is not a vicious attack.
PAUL: That is vicious. You ought to apologize for that. Awww, that’s terrible.
STEIN:We don’t need to get into that. We don’t need to get into that.
PAUL: (That is terrible); you ought to apologize.
STEIN: This guy was walking- This guy was walking on-
LEE: I think I can, uh, referee.
PAUL:Ughh! You discredit yourself! You totally discredit yourself.
LEE: I think I can referree between the Congressman and Ben.
KING: Look at this. Two republicans going at it. This is fascinating.
STEIN: (*unclear*)
PAUL: And, you’re an embarassment.

First, Stein advocated for America’s homeland security to be handed over to the Nazi-loving, concentration-camp managing IBM corporation, then, without flinching, labeled Ron Paul “antisemitic” for referring to American troops as “occupiers.” Now, THAT’S TRIPLE IRONY!

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