A Childhood Remake of the Classic Christmas Song, “Winter Wonderland”

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family, after I was tagged in their post…


Sara: just remembered a song Rayn & I re-wrote when we were little. Sung 2 the tune of Winter Wonderland: “In the ghetto we can mug an old man; Steal his wallet & his credit cards; Police ask you if u did it, u say ‘No man!’; But u’ll still be guilty as charged! Later on, at the station, being charged without probation. U’re humming a tune; U won’t be back soon; Walking in a Ghetto Wonderland!

Cherie S.: hahaha!

Kimberly M.: That’s funny! I have a new favorite holiday song!

Sara: LOL! Robbing senior citizens in the spirit of Xmas!

Ryan Mary F.: How funny…. I remember that!

Sara: omg that’s great that you remember it! LOL!

Jessi C.: lmao!!!

Jessi C.: OMG that is sooo Johnny’s song….lmao!!!

Rayn: Ahh! One of my favorite Christmas songs!

Three lines that require correction:
“Steal his wallet FILLED with credit cards.”
“COPS ask you if you did it…”
“Being JAILED without probation.”

Also, we never did settle on the very last line! There were a few variations we tried! LOL!

Samantha P.: lol .. you guys are too funny .. maybe you’ll have to teach kaila and michael that haha

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