Synchronicity Between a Facebook Memory and a Recent Debate

As I scrolled through my Facebook memories, I discovered the following artwork, which I originally shared to my wall in November of 2012, in my post, “Legality IS NOT Morality,” and decidedly re-shared it, along with a new commentary…

My Original Commentary: Wake up! Legality IS NOT morality, my friends!

“How does something immoral, when done privately, become moral when it is done collectively? Furthermore, does legality establish morality? Slavery was legal; apartheid was legal; Stalinist, Nazi, and Maoist purges were legal. Clearly, the fact of legality does not justify these crimes. Legality, alone, cannot be the talisman of moral people.” – Walter E. Williams

My New Commentary: Synchronicity! I just shared this in the comment section of one of my posts, then discover it waiting in my memories section!

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