Should Inanimate Objects Be Banned as “Dangerous,” or Should Individuals Simply Be Held Accountable for Their Own Actions?

The following debate originally took place upon the Facebook wall of family, after they posted a photo being shared by the page, “Young Americans for Liberty“…


“Used in fewer than 323 murders during 2011*. Used in 496 murders during 2011*. Which one should be banned? *(FBI annual crime statistics)”

Anke M.: Guns! All guns should be banned!

Genaire: I would agree if all guns were truly banned. Don’t let some have them and others not (that includes the police and military).

Anke M.: Could not agree more!

Anke M.:

Brian M.: People with long histories of non-violent conflict resolution should be forced to have more weapons. Give Gandhi a nuke.

Unable to keep the violent from weapons, the next best thing is to outgun the violent with people uninterested in violence.

Celebration of independence from tyranny should be demonstrated through the random discharge of explosives. Tyrants do not last in places where everyone can blow a person up.

Rayn: Fuck the State! Neither should be “banned,” as both are much-needed inventions, created for individual use!

Lest we forget, all of these worthless, obsolete “governments” in control of our planet can only legitimately claim legal jurisdiction over the lives of criminals! The innocent, meanwhile, are FREE! And, it’s precisely why the bureaucrats of each of these fraud-systems slowly and incrementally invent law after law to criminalize our humanity, while simultaneously legalizing their own criminality! It’s been the same process all over the world for thousands of years! Google “pathocracy” for more information!

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