Props to All 7,000 Peace-Loving Israelis Who Protested in Tel-Aviv Against Gaza Massacre!

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2014-07-29 - Props to All 7,000 Peace-Loving Israelis Who Protested in Tel-Aviv Against Gaza Massacre!

In Tel Aviv, Thousands Protest Against the Gaza Operation:

My Commentary: Props to every last the 7,000 peace-loving citizens of Israel who risked their safety on Saturday to gather together at Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square in order to firmly let the world know that being Jewish DOES NOT mean being PRO-WAR-CRIMES against the innocent civilians of Gaza! These brave Israeli war protesters faced off against an angry mob of their own fellow citizen-terrorists from the right wing, who not only chanted death threats at them, and continuously sang a song celebrating the IDF’s mass murder of Gazan children, but also eventually forced their way through police barricades, where they immediately began to block protesters from accessing one of Tel Aviv’s major streets. After the cavalry cops finally arrived and broke the up the roving mob, police then requested organizers to wrap up their event early for “safety” reasons. Protesters complied, disbanding without further incident…

Some excerpts from the article…

“The former demonstration was organized by Hadash, the leftist political party, and the organizations Combatants for Peace and The Parents Circle Families Forum…

The ill-will felt towards the Israeli left could be gauged well among the group of right-wing protesters that the police corralled in a separate part of the plaza. They continually shouted ‘Death to the leftists’ and expressed hope that ‘a rocket from Gaza’ would kill them. In addition they merrily sang ‘WHY IS THERE NO SCHOOL IN GAZA? BECAUSE NO MORE KIDS ARE LEFT.’ [emphasis mine] Some protesters tried to convince this group to stop singing these songs as they were detrimental to the message of support for the IDF that they were trying to promote, but to no avail.

Later in the evening these right-wing protesters tried to break through the police barrier into the greater demonstration and even succeeded for a short while to block Ibn Gevirol St., one of Tel Aviv’s major arteries. The police quickly pushed them out of the street with cavalry. During the clashes four protesters were arrested. Due to these outbursts of violence the police asked the organizers to cut the protest short. The demonstrators eventually left without incident.”

Here is a video recording of the large group of right-wing Israelis who showed up to this peace-promoting event in Tel Aviv in order to celebrate the Israeli government’s Gazan massacre, gleefully singing and chanting, “There’s no school tomorrow! There’s no children left in Gaza! Oleh!”:

Israelis in Tel Aviv 26.7.2014: “There’s no school tomorrow,there’s no children left in Gaza! Oleh!

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