Food Trucks Are the Future of Small Business Ownership!

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More Millennials Support Legalizing Food Trucks Than Google Glass and Bitcoin:

You’ll pry food trucks from our cold dead hands.

That’s one of the takeaways from a new Reason-Rupe poll that surveyed 2,000 young adults for their thoughts on politics and government regulations. Among millennials, 81 percent want to legalize food trucks, making them the most popular of the 13 activities and products Reason-Rupe asked about in its polling.

Allowing mobile vendors to work freely topped support for plastic bags (66 percent) and buying incandescent light bulbs (64 percent) as well as new developments in technology like wearing Google Glass in public (66 percent), online gambling (58 percent), and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (49 percent). As Emily Ekins of the Reason Foundation put it, “millennials don’t like to be nannied, opting for personal choice over regulation.”

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My Commentary: Nice 😉

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