“Christianity” Invented By False Apostle Paul

The following article was inspired by my correspondence, “Discussing the Origins of Christianity“…

Self-Proclaimed "Apostle," Saul of Tarsus (AKA "Paul")

Self-Proclaimed “Apostle,” Shaul of Tarsus (AKA “Paul”)

The “Christian” (1) faith was created by the false, self-proclaimed 13th “Apostle” of יהושוע, called “Paul,” formerly known as Shaul of Tarsus – as there were actually 12 Apostles in total (2). This hijacker of the way of יהוה, as taught by His Son, יהושוע, was a “murderer from the beginning” (3), persecuting, slaughtering and imprisoning the original followers of the Way (who never actually called themselves “Christian”) up until the moment of his witness-free conversion story  (4) (that gradually became more elaborate each time he described it). Having never actually met יהושוע himself, and instead, claiming a personal vision as his authority (allowing him to bypass discipleship, and take on the self-appointed title of “Apostle”) “Paul” was a Hebrew (5) from the Tribe of Benjamin (6), a Pharisee (7), and also a Roman citizen (8) – as he said himself, “I am made all things to all men” (9). Just like the Hebrews chose to free Barabbas the murderer (10), “Christians” follow Shaul the murderer… Yet, since most of them are not even murderers themselves, they are simply submitting themselves to the will of their moral inferiors!

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