Fox News Caught Manipulating Public Opinion Against Ron Paul

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CPAC 2011 Footage Exposes Fox News Propaganda Against Ron Paul:

 My Commentary: This is what we are up against here, and these are the infowars! These are the psy-ops that target our “hearts and minds,” in order to blind us to the truth! Take a lesson from this exercise in pure revisionist propaganda! As you can see for yourself, apparently, when the results don’t match a predetermined outcome, the professional liars at Fox “news” simply “fix the facts” around the story in order to forcefully “manufacture consent” from their audiences, anyway! In this particular incident, producers chose to cleverly insert last year’s CPAC footage into the beginning of their so-called “news” segment.

 Then, in order to further intellectually deceive audiences, after showing the incorrect footage, Bill Hemmer misleadingly “introduces” Congressman Ron Paul with the following:

In the end he was the winner. Probably not the reaction he was hoping for when you name a favorite to run for the Whitehouse. Mixed applause and boos as Ron Paul was announced over the weekend. The fiery Texas Republican. No doubt, unphased by the reaction, he’s live with me now at Capital Hill – winner of that straw poll for the second year in a row. How are you doing, sir?”

This sort of manipulation of public opinion is precisely how every last anti-war candidate was sabotaged during America’s 2008 presidential elections! No matter the party – from Republican Ron Paul, to Independent Cynthia McKinney, to Democrats Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich – not one of these true peace candidates was given any real fair and balanced treatment from the mainstream media monopoly! Instead, each was outright dismissed as a “long shot” by major news networks, and all of them were treated as kooky, fringe elements! And, of course, this was used as a justification for the glaringly minimalistic approach that networks took towards reporting about these same candidates, as all of them were systematically given as little airtime as possible! With no surprise, the engagement of open, honest, journalistically-based discussions about the positions of anti-war candidates was left almost entirely to independent media, independent bloggers, and independent activists on the major social networks!

The deceptive actions of the corporate media are part of a concerted effort to psych individuals out of seemingly “wasting” their vote on those candidates that actuall deserve to be elected to office! Hence, in their conformity, the majority of Americans learn to slowly “adjust” to the idea that only a few, select, predetermined, spotlighted media-darlings have the ability to actually “win” during election season. With this, the false paradigm of our current two party fraud is able to continue, unabaited!

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