But, Without Government, Who Would Privatize the Tax-Funded Roads?

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“? [No Parking] During Stadium Events Except Residents – Tow Zone”

City Workers Busted For Closing Street By United Center So Friends Can Park:

(Heather Cherone) Thirteen city employees have been disciplined for their role in a scheme that blocked off a street near the United Center so their friends and relatives could park for free during Bulls and Blackhawks games, Inspector General Joseph Ferguson said.

Inspectors working for the city’s watchdog staked out 16 games at the United Center from April 2015 to February 2016 — including nine Blackhawks playoff games — and witnessed employees of the Office of Emergency Management allowing 62 cars to park for free on the west side of Wood Street between Madison Street and Warren Boulevard, Ferguson said in his quarterly report released Monday.

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My Commentary: But… MUH Roadssss. :'(