Pro-Cannabis Clinton Supporters Are a Joke!

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In Leaked Speech, Clinton Promises Bankers To Stand Against Marijuana Legalization “In All Senses Of The Word”:

(Justin Gardner) WikiLeaks has arguably been the most important thing that has happened to elections, if not the veneer of democracy, in quite a long time. We’ve been able to see the true side of politicians and bureaucrats like never before.

In Hillary Clinton, we see a figure beholden to Wall St., working diligently to advance the influence of financial corporations over government policy and taxpayer money. Her mega-donor list is a who’s who of megabanks that also happened to benefit from the TARP government bailout.

In return for their money, Clinton gave speeches to Wall St. giants behind closed doors between 2013 and 2015. She told Goldman Sachs she was “far removed” from ordinary people and that “you need both a public and a private position.”

Clinton has vacillated terribly on the issue of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is a gift to her donors but very unpopular to Americans who see it for the fleecing it is. She was for TPP before she was against it – a familiar descriptive.

As Bernie Sanders pointed out during the primary – where he was efficiently neutralized by the establishment – the only thing we know about Clinton is that she will be on the side of Wall St.

If Clinton supporters believe she will do anything about government’s war on cannabis, they should think again.

The good people at have been studying the leaked emails, and during one of those Wall St. speeches, Clinton expressed a clear opposition to cannabis legalization.

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My Commentary: If you’re pro-cannabis, and support this lizard… Congratulations! You’re a joke!

Oh, and the same applies if you’re allegedly “anti-war,” too! I get a hearty laugh every time I read one of your pro-Clinton posts! Go ahead, and take that sticker off your car bumper, already! Virtue-signaling really isn’t a good look!

Hillary Clinton is an Unrepentant Warmonger:

And, just in case you Bernie supporters still remain under the impression that you have some sort of moral high ground to stand on… Nah… You’re just as deluded!

Bernie Sanders Says He Would Use Drones to Fight Terror as President:

Bernie Sanders’ Troubling History of Supporting US Military Violence Abroad:

Trump is just too ridiculous for me even bother exposing, here. Typically, he need only speak, and my job is done!

If you still have a conscience left, for the love of peace and justice, Vote for Nobody! Withdraw Consent!

And, while I’ve got your attention, PLEASE take a few minutes to discover the single-most important factor that ended the Apartheid State in South Africa…

Why You Got to Stop Voting:

Vacate The Vote! Far from being “political inaction,” “a dereliction of public duty,” or “failure to politically speak,” it is the opposite of all such claims, and stands out, historically, as one of the most real, effective and NON-VIOLENT means to place a solid vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” against all candidates at any given election!