You’re Standing on My Neck!

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an acquaintance, after she posted artwork from here

Jennifer H.:

“Ouch!… You’re standing on my neck!”
“Well, that’s one point of view… But, one could also say that you’re trying to trip me with your neck…”
“You see, in teh postmodern condition, we create our own reality based upon our internalized preconceptions. Since there is no longer one objective truth, we are free to create our own truth… So, you see, there is no right and wrong – just an infinite number of equally valid ‘stories’.”
“But you’re still standing on my neck!”
“You never went to college, did you?”

Danielle J.: Or his neck is pushing against his shoe lmfao

Jennifer H.: Some people would say that!

Jennifer H.: People who really, really want to step on your neck will try to convince everyone that your neck is pushing against their shoe.

Danielle J.: Lmao I’ve taken many philosophy classes

Danielle J.: Crazy

Danielle J.: haha

Rayn: Yes, indeed! Also, reading this comic has triggered the Daria theme song to play in my head on repeat!

Adam G.: You’re Standing on My Neck – Splendora: