Discussing CAPTCHA Fail…

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “CAPTCHA FAIL!“…

Rayn: What the fuzz!? Really!? This popped up when I tried to access a video that was posted onto PutLocker.com. CAPTCHA FAIL!!!

“skynet watches”

Allison H.: At least you kept your language in check! Rock on, Rayn, rock on!

Arielle K.: im not good with this stuff at all but did you try a space between the “s” & “kynet”? thought it might be worth a try

Rayn: Thanks for the advice, Arielle. 🙂 However, I had no trouble accessing the video using the words you see above. It’s the CAPTCHA phrase, itself, that registered as a FAIL to me. Have you ever seen any one of The Terminator movies before? I ask this because it may help you recall precisely what Skynet is, which would then shed some light on why I would find such a CAPTCHA phrase disturbing enough to screenshot and post onto my FB wall.

Arielle K.: oh sh*t lol! thanks for diplomacy in my haste. got ya.

Allison H.: Disturbed!