Bush 2.0, in Full Effect!

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an ex-acquaintance, after he shared a photo from here

Thomas Pa.:

“Fireback: Should Obama bypass Congress to enact his agenda through Executive Action?”

Dian C.: If those idjits keep stalling and striking down EVERYTHING he wants to do, then, YES… Do NOT want another Government shut down, which the Republicans will cause and then blame Obama for it, just like Ted Cruz did yesterday while on Face The Nation…

Rayn: Three cheers for “the Decider”! Bush 2.0, in full effect!

Genaire: This can simply be answered by the quote: “If your vote doesn’t matter, why are they trying so hard to take it away from you?” Basically you would be taking away the vote of a third of the country by the use of these signing statements. Our government is based off checks and balances, to remove these checks and balances is removing the democracy right from our democratic REPUBLIC.

Obama is Just Another Bush

I originally posted the following information and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

“Same Shit, Different Piles” (Artwork by LibertyStickers.com)

“Same Shit, Different Piles”
(Artwork by LibertyStickers.com)

Obama’s Embrace of a Bush Tactic Riles Congress:

(Charlie SavageNew York Times) – President Obama has issued signing statements claiming the authority to bypass dozens of provisions of bills enacted into law since he took office, provoking mounting criticism by lawmakers from both parties.

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My Commentary: First, Obama maintains Bush’s wars of aggression in Iraq & Afghanistan. Then, he begins the bombing of Pakistan. After this, he continues on with Bush’s agenda of bailing out the thieving Banksters & corrupt Corporations with our tax dollars. Now, in another act of sheer disregard for the will of Americans, Obama is embracing the Bush tactic of using “signing statements” to overturn portions of Congressional bills that he personally doesn’t approve of!

Remember, during his presidential campaign, Obama claimed that the use of signing statements was an executive “abuse” & an effort by Bush to “accumulate more power in the presidency.” He promised that he would not take the same path, which he considered “an end run around Congress,” but instead, would “obey the Constitution”:

Obama on Signing Statements:

Understand that this is a BIPARTISAN ISSUE! Republicans & Democrats alike are understandably upset! Obama is turning out to be A PURE FRAUD, like BUSH!

When are people gonna stop embracing the FALSE LEFT-RIGHT PARADIGM and realize that the real equation is THE PEOPLE vs. THE AMERICAN CORPORATION-STATE?