Watch the Film, “Public Enemies,” and Learn All About the Crimes of the Federal Government Under Hoover!

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall…

"Public Enemies"

“Public Enemies”

Rayn: I enjoyed watching “Public Enemies” at the AMC with her husband and uncle. To Hell with the Federal Government’s farcical “War on Crime”!

Sara: Who did you go with? Paul?

Rayn: Yeah. We actually went on Saturday night, but I didn’t get the opportunity to post about it until today.

Sara: lol that’s crazy! I can’t picture you, Paul and Genaire together at the movies. Glad you had fun 🙂

Rayn: You gotta see “Public Enemies”! It was a great movie! The makers did a lot of subtle things to show you how fraudulent the “War on Crime” was, even from the beginning. Hoover was nothing but a CRIMINAL PIG! He abused every bit of power he was given, and there were many innocent casualties of the federal government’s FALSE WAR!