Saiga Antelope in Kazakhstan Experience Unexplained Mass Mortality Event

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an acquaintance, after she shared a captioned post from here

Tara B.: So sad

Catastrophic Collapse of Saiga Antelope
120,000 so far – Half of the total population Dead in a Month
Preliminary analysis indicates that a combination of environmental and biological factors is contributing to this catastrophic event, which has seen four large birthing herds of the critically endangered Saiga antelope wiped out since mid-May this year. Primarily mothers and calves are among the carcasses; not a single animal has survived in the affected herds.
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Rayn: Horrific…

Kurt G.: We are looking a wave of ecological collapse, everywhere. It’s coming. But tends to take down the apex species first – predators and large herbivores.

Marcia T.: Sad and pretty damn scary.

Anke M.: So sad, and yes scary, wonder what’s going on?