More Efforts at Language Control from the Third-Wave Feminist Crowd

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an acquaintance…

Matthew A.: Oh, dear Lord Jesus. Feminists just outdo themselves almost every single day to be more ridiculous than the day before. They are simply TOO funny!

HuffPo: The Word ‘Too’ Is Sexist and Hurts Women:

Austin C.: I heard recently that “hard worker” is offensive to some.


Rogan M.: It’s going to implode so fast!! Lol

Lisa R.: I’m XX embarrassed to be in the same lot

Marko M.: From militancy to not being able to handle ‘too’.

Rayn: Good grief! This is TOO ridiculous to even wrap my mind around!

Matthew A.So many trolling possibilities! 🙂

Paul S.: This could be from The Onion.

Matthew A.: I’m still waiting for someone to show me it is.