Discussing Dangerous Household Products

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “10 Dangerous Household Products You Should Never Use Again“…

Plastic water bottles

Plastic water bottles

Rayn: 10 Dangerous Household Products You Should Never Use Again:

For years now, I have been warning my family and friends about the dangers of certain household products. From non-stick cookware, to plastic bottles, to antibacterial hand cleaners, to compact fluorescent bulbs, the list of everyday items that contain toxic chemicals is surisingly long, and the array of hazardous ingredients they harbor not only have the ability to make you very sick, but also poison the environment, as well!

Kenny C.just clicked the link, and started reading about water bottles, meanwhile im drinking a bottle of water!
This sux!
It seems like I cant do anything right 🙁
I stop drinking tap water because of chlorine, flouride, and all the other poisons, and turns out that I am drinking another form of poison, but actually paying hard earned money for it!

Rayn: This is how some of these evil, soulless corporations and governments operate. With multi-faceted attacks using soft-kill weapons, they hope to clandestinely sicken most of the population, while keeping true investigators scratching their heads trying to figure out why everyone is getting sick. We the people are being indiscriminately force-“medicated” by our own government under the pretense of good hygeine. And, since there is no regulation whatsoever to this “medicating” of the public, those who drink more water, or use more, or stronger deodorants, are increasing the amount of “medication” they put into their body. This goes against the entire idea of even western medicine.

Did you know that, while fluoride is toxic, along with aluminum, these poisons are not nearly as bad for you as the effects of combining them together in your body? As a team, these toxins will leech the calcium right out of your teeth and bones, and slowly make you weak and sick. They will also settle together into your brain, contributing to Alzheimer’s disease. To put it another way, the fluoride in your drinking water is not fully toxically “activated” until you adminster your daily dose of aluminum-based “antiperspirant” deodorant under your arms (incidentally, this area contains the two largest lymph nodes in the body). Because of this, it is difficult to legally blame fluoride alone or aluminum alone for much of the sicknesses they cause together. And, the companies that make these poisons are happy to hide behind this legal gray area. FDA regulation put them under no obligation to do any studies to show how the chemicals in their products interact with chemicals in other products.