Both Historically and Presently, Bernie Sanders DOES NOT Qualify as a Legitimate Peace Candidate!

The following debate originally took place upon the Facebook wall of my friend, Damion S., after he shared a photo from my wall, which was initially located here

Damion S.:

"Group photo of all the anti-war Republican and Democrats running for president"

“Group photo of all the anti-war Republican and Democrats running for president”

Charlie C.#bernie has voted against the last 8 wars

Damion S.: Ok. I’ll give you Bernie.

Charlie C.: He’s running and he’s gonna win. Get on the train! #feethebern

Damion S.: Lol! Definitely better than anyone else!

RaynBernie Sanders Says He Would Use Drones to Fight Terror as President:

Rayn: Sadly, the children of the Middle-East will definitely #feelthebern

Rayn: “Peaceful” Progress!

"Obama's current drone warfare program. Sanders' proposed drone warfare 'reform'" (Artwork originally located here, where it was posted by the Facebook page, "We Are the Individuals")

“Obama’s current drone warfare program. Sanders’ proposed drone warfare ‘reform'”
(Artwork originally located here, upon the Facebook page, “We Are the Individuals“)

Damion S.: Lol!!!! Wow!!!! You cray, girl. That’s hysterical!!

Rayn: Made a little something special, to commemorate this insightful conversation…

"Statists be like... 'It's not a war. We're just going to bomb them'."

“Statists be like… ‘It’s not a war. We’re just going to bomb them’.”
(Artwork by Rayn)

RaynBernie Sanders’ Troubling History of Supporting US Military Violence Abroad:

Obama Nominates War Criminal Petraeus Back into Power

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall

War Criminal, General David Petraeus

War Criminal, General David Petraeus

Charles C.: For real?!! General Betray-us is back!!! And no one is pissed?!!

Rayn: Sickening! And, even in the face of warmongering actions such as this, many American sheeple STILL believe that O-BOMB-ya can do no wrong! To them, I say: ENJOY YOUR FALSE PEACE CANDIDATE!

Morgan S.: I am pissed that he is back. as an ex Marine. all I can say is it is either North Korea or Iran that will be next. just wait and see.