The Murderous Fantasies of UK’s Eco-Fascist “10:10 Global Organization”

I originally posted the following video and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

No Pressure:

(video by 10:10 Global Organization)

My Commentary: As I watched this video few days ago, I was immediately overcome by disgust and anger. The grotesque images and message contained within appeared to me as a spectre of the modern-day, new and improved re-packaging of GENOCIDAL EUGENICS, currently brewing on the horizon – all too eager to rear its ugly head, and force its hideous hand. The blood-thirsty, human-sacrificing, death worshippers no longer fear the LIGHT OF DAY!

Feeling ESPECIALLY CONFIDENT in a general public acceptance of their despicable agenda, they now BRAG of their MURDEROUS PLANS FOR HUMANITY – complete with celebrity endorsement (shame on you, Gillian Anderson) and government sponsorship! This 10:10 video is the EPITOME of “ALARMISM,” and vividly reveals the DARKER SIDE OF GREEN!