Though the Corrupt FDA Claims Otherwise, Vitamins and Minerals are Our First Line of Defense Against Disease

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FDA Says Walnuts Are Illegal Drugs:

Those walnuts you’re eating are drugs! Well, according to the authoritative agency of food and drug-related tyranny, or FDA as they’re also known, walnuts could potentially be subject to a drug-specialized screening process before being allowed on the market.

Diamond Foods, a food company that was started in 1912 by a small group of Californian walnut farmers, has learnt the full effect of what the prososed mandate would do to their business.

The primary cause of concern the FDA has with Diamond Foods is their promotion of the health benefits of eating walnuts regularly. This is obviously something that the FDA did not approve of. But why?… After all, walnuts have been shown to have a significantly positive impact on the health and maintenance of our blood, brain, kidneys, liver, and more.

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My Commentary: Codex Alimentarius: because vitamins and minerals are our first line of defense against disease… And, the corrupt, credibility-free FDA claims that only drugs can cure disease.

Nothing like arrogantly competing with Nature, failing miserably, then trying to force your dystopian control-freak, death-vision on humanity, anyway, in spite of your repeated failures, with full knowledge of the destruction such interference would cause.

America Doesn’t Have Healthcare – Only Sick Care!

The following correspondence originally took place upon my Facebook wall

"Sick Care vs. Health Care" (photo by

“Sick Care vs. Health Care” (photo by

Earlene E.: Hey, Rayn I’m on a mission: from 2/2/2010 to now, 14lbs lost :0)

Rayn: Congratulations, Earlene! I’m very happy for you!

Earlene E.: Thanks Rayn. I have you to thank for encouraging me to eat healthier, thanks again.

Rayn: Thank you, Earlene.

Earlene E.: I have to take an updated pic of my self now

Rayn: I give all credit unto the Father. He provides for his own! I was thrilled when Genaire told me that you were doing well! You are now a living witness to the many failures of “western medicine,” starting with the patented poison therapies that these “doctors” peddle. They don’t deal in cures, only treatment. We don’t have “healthcare” in America – we only have “sickcare.” (For example: that is why doctors cannot legally say that oranges cure scurvy – because the FDA says that only a “drug” can cure a “disease.” Ha! This pathetic charade must be put to an end!) Look into Codex Alimentarius, and you will see what the real End Game agenda is for the soulless, parasitic governments and corporations of the world!!! They would like to classify all vitamins and minerals as “drugs,” remove them from all foods, then provide them to us through a doctor’s prescription only after we become sick from malnutrition! So far, through the diligent efforts of just a FEW of the many countries who signed onto this monstrously evil idea, the sick, twisted sadistic fantasies of the COWARDS-THAT-BE have not been realized! And, the World Health Organization admits that at least 3 billion will die if and when this beast is made legal! As far as I’m concerned, I could care less if it actually happens or not, as it is THE THOUGHT THAT ALWAYS COUNTS! This is our tax dollars at work, no matter how you flip the coin! Check this article, and you can see what is being planned without our consent or authorization:

Codex Alimentarius: Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer Protection

Codex Threatens Health of Billions

Earlene E.Wow. One thing I don’t know if you’ve noticed. They have taken down plenty of grocery stores (A & P) and replaced them with Rite Aids. What is this? We are living off of pills as opposed to foods, when they should be replaced with whole food stores, instead.

Rayn: I haven’t been to the grocery store much at all lately due to transportation issues, but I agree with you. We shouldn’t have to scout for real food. Apparently, if you want food that is pesticide-free, hormone-free, toxin-free, and also non-irradiated and non-GMO, then you’re on your own… BUT, if you want to ingest PURE POISON, then: talk to your doctor about becoming a human lab-rat!