Swamp Crotch?

The following correspondence originally took place upon the Facebook wall of an acquaintance

M.F.: I “try” not to talk about anybody but my co-workers breath is the worst. Everytime he yawns my face melts a little. I’ve already popped two sticks of gum in my mouth hoping he would ask for a piece. Friends… if i have 1/2 a face the next time u see me…its his fault!!!!
Oh and another one (woman) stood up and there was moisture on her seat. She has jeans on. Im confused.

Eddie C.: Jesus ???

Lea C.:

Leah L.: Next time he yawns… Pop the gum in his mouth then run away

M.F.: Hahahha

M.F.: Yo… this comment just has me with the giggles.

Jamie H.: Hahahaha!!!!

Lucy R.: Girl I got one on the job smell like he was drinking mountain du du

Leah L.:

M.F.: Oh man Lucy haha g aha

Carolyn R.: U so silly I’m Fallin out my seat here

M.F.: Im so serious tho.. everytime this dude yawned I thought I was going to melt. ????? hahaha

M.F.: And the chic with her moist vagina. Wth???? How did the moisture go thru the jeans?

Emmonie J.: Lol

M.F.: Im saying though. Why the over-moist vajayjay? How did her moisture go thru her jeans? Evaporation, precipitation…..all kinds of sauce!!!!! It was like when u blow your breath on a mirror and it slowly disappears…thats how her precipitation was. I sat there in shock watching it disappear off the chair hahahaha EEEEWWWWWW

Emmonie J.: Lmfaooooooo

Emmonie J.: Girl I can’t with u lol


Rayn: I’ve heard of “swamp ass,” but “swamp crotch”? Wowzers! You just gave me the perfect late-night LOL, while also burning a horrible M.F.into my skull… maybe for life!

M.F.: Rayn, girl I was ready to scoop my own eyes out. I couldn’t believe it.