But, Without Government, Who Would Plant the Cyanide Bombs?

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Canyon Mansfield, 14, and his yellow Labrador retriever, Casey

Idaho Boy Injured, Family Dog Killed by Government “Cyanide Bomb”:

A “cyanide bomb” planted by U.S. predator-control agents targeting coyotes near homes and hiking trails in Idaho exploded when a boy handled the device, injuring him and killing his dog, authorities and relatives said on Friday.

Canyon Mansfield, 14, was playing with his yellow Labrador retriever, Casey, on Thursday afternoon near his home east of Pocatello when he saw what he thought was a sprinkler head on the ground and touched the device, causing it to detonate.

The explosion sprayed the boy and his 3-year-old, 90-pound (40 kg) pet with toxic cyanide gas, according to the boy’s mother, Theresa Mansfield.

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My Commentary: But… without government, who would plant the cyanide bombs?