Discussing “Ender’s Game”

The following correspondence originally took place on my Facebook wall, upon my post, “‘Ender’s Game’ Film Release Date Finally Revealed!“…

“Ender’s Game – 11.1.13”

Rayn: Yes! Finally! 🙂

Genaire: Nothing you can handle without a diaper!

Rayn: Stop biting off my lines, or I’ll castrate you in your sleep!

Brian J.: What the fuck is this all about! Lol!

Rayn: Are you inquiring about the movie, or the comments above?

Brian J.: The movie. I saw the trailer and it looks good.

Genaire: It’s based off a best selling book that both Rayn and I read.

Rayn: The book is INSANE! And, it is, indeed, sci-fi! It would take me a while to explain it all, here, but you can read this summary, for some more details: http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/endersgame/summary.html

Rayn: I read the book when I was nine or ten, and then put Genaire up on it, later – hence, the irony of him claiming that I can’t handle it, while simultaneously biting off my lines! “Don’t sweat the technique,” Genaire!