Looking for Someone to Blame for Trump’s Election Victory, Democrats? Look No Further Than Yourself, and the DNC!

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2016 Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, on the campaign trail

2016 Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, on the campaign trail

Latest Wikileaks Releases Boost Case for DNC Class Action Lawsuit:

() Shortly after the Democratic Primaries, attorneys Jared Beck and Elizabeth Beck, Harvard and Yale Law School graduates, filed a class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee and disgraced former DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, for the millions of Bernie Sanders supporters they allegedly suppressed and silenced. The latest Wikileaks releases of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails has revealed further evidence that the scales were heavily tipped in favor of Hillary Clinton by both the DNC and the mainstream media.

“The latest documents provided by Wikileaks confirm and add considerable detail to what prior leaks have disclosed: that the DNC was actively working to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign while colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign behind the scenes,” Jared Beck told the Observer. “This is further evidence in support of our lawsuit, which seeks to hold the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz accountable under the law for their failure to ensure a fair and neutral presidential nominating process.”

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My Commentary: Wanna blame someone for America’s presidential election results? How about the precious DNC, who disenfranchised the beloved Democratic Socialist, Bernie Sanders? Democrats should have been protesting LONG BEFORE TRUMP was voted in… LOL!

I didn’t even like the old mummy, but my point still stands. The corruption ran deep, and too many wanted to keep up the appearance of party unification, in the face of the truth…

DNC Lawyers Argue No Liability: Neutrality Is Merely a “Political Promise”: