‘Socialized Medicine’ is Newspeak for Eugenics

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Assisted Suicide Plans Revealed at Toronto’s Sick Kids’ Hospital:

My Commentary: The numbers are in! And, the numbers don’t lie! The best way for the State of Canada to ensure “health care for all” is to cull the most chronically ill among their citizens. Sadly, they have proven to be a huge drain on the health-care system. But, gladly, the $cience is now settling on euthanasia, as the final solution to the disability question – a puzzle that has been plaguing this progressive, leftist State, since shortly after they began to make the transition to socialized medicine.

Under Canada’s new compassionate care clause, all live unworthy of life is now guaranteed the dignity of a quiet and painless death, in the comfort and convenience of a clinical setting! Through the systematic termination of those patients given the most negative prognoses by doctors, the Canadian government will be able to much more quickly provide their healthy and productive citizens with access to the medical treatments they need to remain healthy. No more waiting lists!

It has never been logical, nor cost-effective, to waste Canada’s tax resources regularly fighting losing battles with chronic illness as a matter of policy. And, when doctors are able to discuss these sensitive matters with their sickest patients, while offering these poor, suffering souls the option of euthanasia, a great deal of them easily choose to sacrifice themselves for the common good – often after only their eighth or ninth discussion on the topic! Yet, the science-deniers on the right have been hindering Canada’s great leap forward with their ignorant, delusional, antiquated, alleged “pro-life” sentiments about the so-called “value of all human life,” in a desperate bid to prevent the inevitable future of the country. However, with all of the recent medical crises taking place during these last few years, and the emergency powers claimed by the State of Canada in response, a very clear path to utopia has suddenly emerged! But, this road is only open to those with the smarts and courage to dump the dead-weight of stale old traditions! Euthanasia IS healthcare Pro-choice, forever!

(Thanks for reading my short story in satire)

#EuthanasiaIsHealthcare #EugenicsIsHealthcare

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