Tax-Cattle Groomed Into Lab Rats by Corporate-State Medical Mafia

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“MEP: ‘Was the vaccine tested on stopping transmission?’ Pfizer: ‘No.'”

Corporate Media Silent as Pfizer Exec Admits COVID Jab NEVER TESTED on Preventing Transmission:

In early 2021, CDC director Rochelle Walensky had no problem going on national television and declaring to the world that if you took the covid-19 vaccine “you will not get or spread covid.” Within weeks, this was found to be entirely untrue.

Dr. Anthony Fauci also spread the exact same misinformation, telling Americans that they had nothing to worry about once they took the shots. Yet hundreds of thousands of people who took the shots, got sick and died.

Joe Biden, Bill Gates, and countless other Pfizer shills in the media waged a massive campaign to convince Americans and the world at large that taking the vaccine meant that you could not get or transmit COVID-19. And they were all dead wrong.

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My Commentary: When the tax-cattle were groomed into becoming lab-rats for gigantic soulless corporations based upon the lies of the various megalithic governments that prop them up, they were not informed of the risks inherent to the “$cIeNcE” they blindly trusted…

It doesn’t matter that we warned those we cared about not to believe the false narratives being propagated by 1% intergenerational career criminals, and their minions. We all played our individual roles in the largest and most dangerous medical fraud in human history, and the results have been speaking for themselves, right before our ears and eyes, making the reality of what we’re all seeing impossible to deny, any further.

It’s time to come to terms with the Truth that we are all witnessing a worldwide Crime Against Humanity. All of our family and friends who have been harmed by these novel bioweapons didn’t think that they were lining up to be injected with a euthanizing agent. They weren’t really “stupid,” so much as they were naive dystopians, glamored by the money, power and prestige of wealthy parasitic grifters, leaving them blind to the underlying truth that these sociopathic career criminals amassed their fortunes through the regular sale of various patented snake oils as “medicine,” from their very beginnings, and with the full support and protection of the largest and most wealthy governments of the planet.

We are about to enter the next stage in this world theater, orchestrated by the 1%, and the decisions we make, now, will determine the future of humanity and our planet. We must now begin the painful process of publicly holding those in “aUtHoRiTy” and their “eXpErT$” accountable for their Crimes Against Humanity. Since these thieves claim to “own” almost everything and everyone on the planet (according to their vast network of completely corrupt Babylonian-Roman legal systems), it will not be easy. Therefore, it is VITALLY IMPORTANT to reject all of their attempts to deflect their immeasurable culpability, when they predictably blame their egregious failures on “tHe NoVeL vIrUs,” “tHe StAtE oF eMeRgEnCy,” and “tHe ChAnGiNg $cIeNcE.” Meanwhile, they were ALL PAID BIG BUCKS from our extorted tax dollars to protect, promote and distribute this corporate kill shot to those they purported to “serve.” They are the greediest, most deceptive, most pathologically control-obsessed megalomaniacal serial killers and human race traitors you’ll EVER see.

The “banality of evil” is one of its most remarkable features. Evil from hatred is highly visible, with very apparent motivations. But, do you know what evil from apathy looks like, and what motivates it? Study PONEROLOGY, PATHOCRACY, MORTACRACY, DEMOCIDE and EUGENICS for a complete picture of what’s been planned, what’s happening, and what’s to come, next!

#Ponerology #Pathocracy #Mortacracy #Democide #Eugenics

I’m very sad that its come to this, but anyone who has been studying history from the viewpoint of the voiceless vulnerable victims, rather than the corrupt colonizing conquistadors, saw this coming, decades ago!

Check out a decade of warnings I’ve posted to my FB. Type “eugenics” into the search bar, and filter the results to “friends,” to see just how many times I spoke about the intergenerational adversaries of humanity, and their plans to do exactly what they already tried before: ensnare and enslave the entire planet.

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