Taxes Are the Price We Pay for 1% Career Criminals to Codify Their Crimes Against Humanity as ‘Law’

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King Charles Doesn’t Have to Pay Inheritance Tax On the Queen’s Private Estate Worth More Than $750 Million:

(Jyoti Mann) King Charles will not have to pay inheritance tax on the Duchy of Lancaster estate he inherited from the Queen due to a rule allowing assets to be passed from one sovereign to another.

Charles automatically inherited the estate, the monarch’s primary source of income, while his eldest son, Prince William, inherited the Duchy of Cornwall estate – valued at more than $1 billion – from his father. 

The new king will avoid inheritance tax on the estate worth more than $750 million due to a rule introduced by the UK government in 1993 to guard against the royal family’s assets being wiped out if two monarchs were to die in a short period of time, i News reported.

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My Commentary: Taxes are what you pay when 1% career criminals codify their crimes against humanity as “law”…

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