Transgender Movement Has Quickly Devolved Into a Eugenics Campaign Against the Gender Dysphoric Community

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Autism Spectrum Disorder and Gender Dysphoria/Incongruence. A systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis:

The suggested overlap between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and gender dysphoria/incongruence (GD/GI) has been much disputed. This review showed a relationship between ASD traits and GD feelings in the general population and a high prevalence of GD/GI in ASD. Our meta-analyses revealed that the pooled estimate of the prevalence of ASD diagnoses in GD/GI people was 11% (p < .001) and the overall effect size of the difference in ASD traits between GD/GI and control people was significant (g = 0.67, p < .001). Heterogeneity was high in both meta-analyses. We demonstrated that the chances that there is not a link between ASD and GD/GI are negligible, yet the size of it needs further investigation.

My Commentary: In ©L🤡WN W🤡®LD, those who condemn modern-day eugenics campaigns against the gender dysphoric community, like chemical castration and franken-sterilization by a plastic surgeon, are labeled “transphobic” by the “woke” mob of extremists. Yet, more and more survivors are publicly confessing the truth that their “gender transition” was really just a glorified sterilization – with extra steps – and, a side dose of adverse effects, including permanent disfigurement, dysfunction, and disability. Though many were just children, when they began their unintended journey as a permanent customer of Big Pharma, they eventually learned, the hard way, that they were completely betrayed and victimized, when they were permitted to make such permanent and far-reaching decision about their future, during such a vulnerable time, in their lives, with regard to their psychological health…


Largest Study to Date Confirms Overlap Between Autism and Gender Diversity:

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