While NC Government Continues to Persecute Healthy Individuals As ‘COVID-Spreaders,’ Department of Health Reminds Public Not to Stigmatize LGBT Community for Monkeypox Outbreak

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following post here, being shared by the official page for ”NC Department of Health and Human Services,” and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

“Remember, anyone can get or pass on monkeypox, regardless of their sexuality. It’s not ok to stigmatize any group of people because of a disease currently spreading in their community. https://bit.ly/3NJzVkH
Recuerde, cualquiera puede contraer o transmitir la viruela símica, independientemente de su sexualidad. No está bien estigmatizar a ningún grupo de personas debido a una enfermedad que actualmente se propaga en su comunidad. https://bit.ly/3NJzVkH

My Commentary: Ironic advice from the NC Department of Health and Human Services, considering the fact that the government continues to persecute healthy individuals who exercise their inborn right to medical or religious exemption from being muzzled, or donating their live bodies to corporate $cience in order to be experimented upon with repeated injections with rushed, experimental modified-gene therapy, full of mystery ingredients, while also granting Big Pharma full legal immunity from being sued for any damages caused by their products, and dutifully providing them with advertisement space for their latest products…

Imagine actually believing that the NC DHHS works for “the People,” and not the 1%! Welcome to the ©L🤡WN SH🤡W! Psychopaths Rule the World because too few are willing to call out these hypocrites for the FRAUDSTERS they are, thinking it will disturb the peace. But, in reality, it will only disrupt the Corporate War Against Humanity that’s been taking place for many millennia… Statism Is A Cult. Step away from your toxic relationship with this gaggle of professionally-lying “elect” criminals called “government.” Withdraw Consent and embrace the sacred gift of Individual Sovereignty, as an equal human being among the living, rather than a human battery energizing the current pathocratic apartheid death system that legally institutes an elitist monopoly on the initiation of force and and use of violence…

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