Speaking of Monkey Pox Spread, AstraZeneca COVID Jab Contains Chimpanzee Adenovirus… Coincidence?

I originally posted the following photo, article and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

AstraZeneca COVID vaccine contains chimpanzee adenovirus

My Commentary: Nine out of ten coincidence theorists agree! The experimental AstraZeneca COVID jab just happens to contain chimpanzee adenovirus and genetically-modified aborted human fetal cells. These exotic ingredients have absolutely nothing to do with the current “monkey pox” outbreak, whatsoever… I know this is 100% true, because benevolent and brave Big Pharma and Big Brother Gov said so!

Information on AstraZeneca COVID Injection:

(PS: if you weren’t aware of the above ingredients before agreeing to have this experimental product injected into your body… Congratulations! You just learned a very important lesson in what INFORMED CONSENT is NOT!)

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