When Soulless Corporations Discover More Humanity Within Dead Unborn Children Than Their Parents Perceived In Them While Still Alive…

I originally posted the following screenshot and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

Article located here: https://medium.com/the-secular-seamless-garment/proposed-experiment-would-use-eggs-from-aborted-babies-ovaries-to-create-new-children-5187b07bd22e

My Commentary: Pro-Tip: When soulless corporations find more humanity in your unborn child’s corpse than you do in their life, it’s time to start doing some very deep soul-searching, neighbor…

Proposed Experiment Would Use Eggs From Aborted Babies’ Ovaries to Create New Children (Dec. 2020):

University Caught Harvesting Genitalia From Aborted Babies for Research (July 2021):

Planned Parenthood Kept Aborted Babies Alive to Harvest Heart, Brain: Ex-Technician (Aug. 2015):

Human experimentation and human sacrifice are built-in features of corporate “$cience,” for a reason…

Since aborted fetuses allegedly don’t count as “persons,” even though every cell in their body contains the DNA of a single and unique human being… And, government$ and corporation$ are already extracting the ova (gametes) of aborted fetuses for use in fertility clinics… How long will it be before $cientist$ begin cloning these aborted legally-unprotected “non-persons” into artificial wombs, solely to be harvested of their organs? And, how long will it be before $cientist$ start genetically-modifying the ovum of aborted female fetuses to fertilize them into patented, corporate-owned, legally-unprotected “non-persons” that live in permanent stasis chambers, solely to be harvested of their organs?

It’s absolute spiritual blindness to claim that this issue is about exercising a so-called “right.” Not today, Barabbas! Humanity continues to remain a target of the genocidal eugenicists who make up the 1%. When will we learn to read the signs and symbols of this ancient terrorist cult? When will we become so well-versed in the Breath of Wisdom that we invoke the Sword of Truth to vanquish these vampires, forevermore?

#AbortionIsMurder #AbortionIsEugenics

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