‘Pro-Choice’: Because ‘Cull the Poors’ Would Be Too Obvious

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NBA Star Stephen Curry’s Mother Reveals She Almost Aborted Him:

(Nancy Flanders) Golden State Warriors player Stephen “Steph” Curry is considered one of the NBA’s greatest players and is a beloved member of the Curry family. During a recent interview with Christian Pastor Luke Norsworthy, Stephen’s mother Sonya Curry shared details from her new book, “Fierce Love: A Memoir of Family, Faith, and Purpose,” including the revelation that she had originally scheduled an abortion when she learned she was pregnant with Stephen, but ultimately changed her mind.

Her pregnancy with Stephen was unplanned, and Curry decided to schedule an abortion at Planned Parenthood. However, she decided not to go in for the abortion procedure; one media outlet stated that Curry was standing outside of the abortion facility when she knew she wouldn’t go through with it. One of the reasons she reconsidered the abortion, she said, was that she had previously undergone an abortion when she was in high school, dating an older man, and preparing to go to college. When she became pregnant unexpectedly a second time (this time the father was NBA player Dell Curry), she knew she didn’t want to have another abortion.

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My Commentary: “Pro-choice”: because “cull the poors” would be too obvious…

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