Why Are Black Street Lights Slowly Being Installed All Around Us?

I originally posted the following photo and information onto my Facebook wall…

Is this a purple light, or a black light?

These are popping up all over Greensboro North Carolina, especially near the UNC Greensboro campus. I took this photo, there, back in late October, 2021. The last time I passed by, in mid-January, 2022, they were still there, and more were spreading…

[A few minutes earlier, I reshared the following captioned photo, posted by Sara Davis here…]

“The news reported that these purple street lights are nothing to be concerned about. They claim it’s a malfunction and will soon be replaced. They are lying. They’ve not been replaced, but have installed more. They’re smart lights to connect to the internet of things. Agenda 2030 SDGs. Control & surveillance. It’s surprising to learn what they’re capable of.
*targetpractice” – Sara Davis

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