Desperate Democrats Now Indicating Willingness to Commit Crimes Against Humanity to Prop Up Crumbling COVID Narrative

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Bless Their Hearts: Democrats Support Punishing the Unvaccinated:

A new Rasmussen Reports poll in partnership with the Heartland Institute shows that Democrats are not becoming skeptical of the federal government’s response to COVID. Recently, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that just about everyone would eventually get omicron. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told Americans the currently available vaccines cannot prevent omicron transmission or symptomatic illness from the virus. Still, the poll finds that most Democrat voters support vaccine mandates, and many want punitive measures against those who haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

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My Commentary: The weak and ineffectual cowards among us are FINALLY exposing themselves as the toxic, narcissistic, power-lusting, control-obsessed, humanity-hating, tyranny-supporting, consent-violating, State-worshiping, corporation-cucking, mass-murdering energy-vampires that they really are. They’ve been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to fulfill the violence and destruction that they’ve been harboring within their blackened, shriveled hearts, for decades.

#Pathocracy #Democide

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