Gene Simmons’ Accusations Against the Unvaccinated Are Really Confessions About Himself

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Gene Simmons Rips Anti-Vaxxers: ‘If You’re Willing to Walk Among Us Unvaccinated, You Are an Enemy’:

(Judy Kurtz) Gene Simmons is blasting COVID-19 deniers and unvaccinated Americans, calling them the “enemy.”

“If you’re willing to walk among us unvaccinated, you are an enemy,” the KISS frontman said Wednesday in an interview on “TalkShopLive.”

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My Commentary: Projection, narcissist. You’re the enemy of a peaceful and just society, because you’re the loud, obnoxious public Accuser who bears zero evidence to support your spurious claim that billions of innocent Individuals are “diseased.” Your statement is an overt effort to recruit and incite more bad actors into the ranks of the dangerous, extremist, oppressive, authoritarian, corporate-$cience-driven, medical-apartheid-implementing COVIDian cult that you’re apparently a card-carrying member of.

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