Facebook’s New Propaganda Button Offers NPCs Convenient Option to Mindlessly Regurgitate Pseudo-$cientific Talking Points of World Health Organization

I originally posted the following screenshot and commentary onto my Facebook wall…

My Commentary: Go to the comments section of any NC Department of Health and Human Services post, and you’ll notice a brand new propaganda button, giving NPCs the convenient option to mindlessly regurgitate the pseudo-$cIeNtiFiC talking points of the unelected bureaucrats at the corrupt and criminal World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO Plays Down Risk to Indian Children from Tainted Polio Vaccine (Oct. 2018 article):

Fake’ Swine Flu Pandemic? WHO Slams Charges: (Jan. 2010):

Why EU Investigated WHO for “Fake Pandemic” (May 2020 article):

WHO Swine Flu Experts ‘Linked’ With Drug Companies (June 2010 article):

Anatomy of Corruption: WHO Public Health Guidelines (Jan. 2020 article):

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