Debating About Tens of Thousands of Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers in New York

The following debate originally took place upon my Facebook wall…


Steve K.: It says that there a lot of really dumb healthcare workers. 90+% of healthcare workers and Board of Ed workers are vaccinated here in NYC. What does that tell you? Oh and, 100% of the members of my gym are vaccinated so, I can run on the elliptical machine without wearing a mask.

Thomas M.: Steve, according to Fauci, the vaccines do jack shit to the Delta variant; hypocritical to call 70k health care professionals “really dumb” and then immediately say some ignorant ass shit about not having to wear masks in the gym anymore.

Steve K.: The vaccines have all but eliminated COVID (including the Delta variant) from NYC. It’s just Staten Island that won’t get vaccinated or, wear masks. That being said, NYC is 90+% vaccinated and hospitalizations are dropping like a rock while states where people are refusing to vaccinate or wear masks are dealing with big surges in hospitalizations and deaths. So, yes I am able to safely not wear a mask in my gym where proof of vaccinations are required and no one is getting COVID.

Thomas M.: Steve, tell that to Israel, where the most mRNA-vaccinated country in the world is seeing a huge surge in hospitalizations of the vaccinated with the Delta variant. What logic are you using to come to the conclusion that, having been vaccinated, you need to protect yourself from the unvaccinated? That’s a rhetorical question because there is no logic behind it. These vaccines only have one positive thing going for them: they make a great litmus test for critical thinking skills and who will blindly do what they’re told. 

Congratulations. I live in a state which has low vaccination rates and mask wearers, yet I’ve not seen nor heard of even one person “drop like flies” from COVID-19. You got played and will continue to get played with the booster shots. What long-term data do you have to show me that these shots are safe? That’s also a rhetorical question because there is no long-term data. They’re all in trial phases right now. 

Congratulations on being duped into being a guinea pig for Big Pharma. How long ago did you get vaccinated? Have you been tested for blood clots? Do you even know what’s in the vaccines (rhetorical: they haven’t released their ingredients list)? Have you went to get an examination of your heart to see if it’s enlarged? Even if you did do those tests, you have absolutely no idea what consequences you may get from it 10 years from now. All I know is that we haven’t had these vaccines a year, yet, and it’s already killing healthy young folks, and causing life-altering disabilities too. That’s just the short-term data. You gambled with your life, we’ll see if it pans out for you.

Steve K.: Actual facts. People aren’t getting COVID in NYC.

Steve K.: You mean other than the 700,000 people who have already died.

Steve K.: You can write as many paragraphs of Fox News conspiracy theories as you want. I have no patience for stupid people.

Rayn: Steve, the only dummies I see are the test dummies, rolling up their sleeves to be injected with repeated doses of a rushed, experimental, modified-gene-therapy “treatment” made by top convicted corporate felon company, Pfizer, even though the only immunity it provides is legal immunity for the manufacturer – to shield the company from liability for any and all damages and injuries caused by its product.


Rayn: Steve, the 90% “vaccination” rate you quote that’s being reported by the government among healthcare workers and educators in NYC tells me exactly ZERO because it was extracted by FORCE.

New York to Require Vaccination or Weekly Testing for City Health Workers:

My educator and health care worker friends in NYC tell me that the “unvaccinated” are subject to painful, invasive, dangerous, sinus-inflaming weekly COVID testing at their worksite, and forced to wear a face mask for eight hours a day…

Getting the jab, merely to avoid weekly medical rape and asphyxiation is not consent. It’s COERCION. And, your failure to distinguish this, even as you cherry-pick the results of such a corrupt and criminal practice, only exposes just how little you respect the bodily autonomy of others.

Steve K.: The above article is from July and both the City and State have updated their policies. As of this week, all teachers and health care workers who have refused to vaccinate are now on leave without pay. Among everyone I know and reports from local hospitals are reporting on vaccination rates and new cases. In NYC, the government can’t get away with gaslighting because there are too many watchdog organizations, and reporters. The bottom line is that almost no one is getting sick from COVID here. Any numbers you may be hearing about are from Staten Island where people are still refusing to vaccinate.

Steve K.: Today’s update, COVID infection rate is a little more than 1% in New York State.

Rayn: Huh, Steve? The date of article precisely illustrates NYC’s criminal jab policy to be a long-standing assault against bodily autonomy. And, the current, even-more-criminal “vaccine mandates” only prove that the State’s initiation of violence against the innocent and peaceful is escalating, and will continue to do so.

As for statistics… Those of us who have been paying attention to events in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut or Massachusetts, from the beginning, know all about what your morally-bankrupt, sociopathic criminal government “officials” did to force up the number of elderly fatalities, during this “pandemic.” We haven’t forgotten how all of these States ordered the nursing homes in their localities to create wards inside their facilities that were already full of vulnerable elderly patients. They opted to exercise undue, unnecessary government authority over these medical facilities, and directly caused almost half of all the U.S. COVID-19 deaths that took place, last year, because of it.

Those who continue to promote COVID panic, over 500 days after the “two weeks to flatten the curve” propaganda campaign that began this hostile global corporate takeover of the planet, never seem interested in discussing the “unintended consequences” of the State “interventions” they keep pushing for. Usually, they are much too busy demanding more authoritarian “intervention,” on a bigger and more highly-centralized scale, in order to fix the messes caused by the State’s last “intervention”…

3 States Account for 42 Percent of All COVID-19 Deaths in America. Why?

Almost Half of US COVID-19 Deaths are Linked to Nursing Homes:

COVID-19 Death Rates Reveal the States that Failed the Test: New York and New Jersey:

The Most Important Coronavirus Statistic: 42% Of U.S. Deaths Are From 0.6% Of The Population:

DOJ May Investigate Blue States Over COVID-19 Deaths at Nursing Homes:

DOJ Probes Bursing Home Deaths in 4 States — Including in NY:

More Than 100,000 U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Are Linked to Nursing Homes:

Blame Governors for the Coronavirus Deaths in Nursing Homes: Goodwin:

These Five Democrat Governors Behind Tens of Thousands of Coronavirus Deaths Sent COVID-19 Patients to Nursing Homes:

Gov. Cuomo Sent 6,300 COVID-19 Patients to Nursing Homes During Pandemic:

Gov. Cuomo’s Controversial Order Requiring Nursing Homes to Admit COVID-19 Patients Was Reportedly Removed from New York’s Health Website:

New York’s True Nursing Home Coronavirus Death Toll Cloaked in Secrecy:

Cuomo Aide Melissa DeRosa Admits They Hid Nursing Home Data So Feds Wouldn’t Find Out:

New Allegations of Cover-Up by Cuomo Over Nursing Home Virus Toll:

Coronavirus News: Dr. Fauci Says New York ‘Did it Correctly’:

New Jersey Investigates State’s Nursing Homes, Hotbed Of COVID-19 Fatalities:

68% of Pennsylvania Coronavirus Deaths are from Nursing and Personal Care Homes:

Nursing Homes Account for 7 of Every 10 COVID-19 Deaths in Western Massachusetts:

Nursing Homes Account For 60% Of COVID-19 Deaths In Massachusetts:

Ex-Care Home Bosses Charged Over Dozens of COVID Deaths in Massachusetts:

Not Just COVID: Nursing Home Neglect Deaths Surge in Shadows:

Do Not Resuscitate’ Orders Caused Potentially Avoidable Deaths, Regulator Finds:

Rayn: Pro-maskers, pro-lockdowners, and pro-vaxxers are covert eugenicists, who consider the disabled an “acceptable loss,” in their plans to enforce one-size-fits-all medical treatments upon the entire population, regardless of consent. Change my mind.


Fury At ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Notices Given to COVID Patients With Learning Disabilities:

NY Issues Do-Not-Resuscitate Guideline for Cardiac Patients Amid Coronavirus:

Coronavirus: Autistic Support Group ‘Told It Needed DNR Orders’:

NHS Managers Told Care Homes to Put Blanket ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Orders on ALL Residents at Height of COVID Crisis, Report Shows :

Daughter’s Agony After Doctors Place DNR Notice on Her Elderly COVID-Stricken Mum Without Her Consent:


“I wEaR mY mAsK tO pRoTeCt BoTh oF uS!”

Two Boys Drop Dead in China While Wearing Masks During Gym Class:

“VaCciNeS aRe SaFe AnD eFfEcTiVe!”

Man, 70s, Dies MINUTES After Getting COVID Vaccine at NYC’s Javits Center:

“VaCciNeS aRe SaFe AnD eFfEcTiVe!”

A Few COVID Vaccine Recipients Developed Rare Blood Disorder:

“StAy HoMe. SaVe LiVeS!”

Cancer Patients are Having Their Treatment Cancelled Already – Just a WEEK into Second Covid Lockdown:

“StAy HoMe. SaVe LiVeS!”

At Toronto’s SickKids Hospital, Two Thirds on Wait List Have Missed Their Surgery ‘Window’:

“StAy HoMe. SaVe LiVeS!”

Concerns Grow Over Delay in Cancer Treatment Amid Coronavirus Lockdown:

“StAy HoMe. SaVe LiVeS!”

Health Service Faces Wave of Lawsuits Over Hundreds of Scans, Tests and Operations Cancelled in Lockdown:

“StAy HoMe. SaVe LiVeS!”

Lockdown ‘Caused Up to 21,000 Extra Deaths – Many Due to Reduced Access to Healthcare’, Shocking Study Claims:

“StAy HoMe. SaVe LiVeS!”

Suicides on Rise Amid Stay-at-Home Order, Bay Area Medical Professionals Say:

“StAy HoMe. SaVe LiVeS!”

CDC Director Compares Rate of Suicides to COVID-19 Deaths:

“StAy HoMe. SaVe LiVeS!”

Suicide is Now the Leading Cause of Death for Children Ages 10 to 14 in Ohio:

“StAy HoMe. SaVe LiVeS!”

Suicide Attempts Among Children Skyrocket Amid Pandemic:

“StAy HoMe. SaVe LiVeS!”

In Japan, More People Died From Suicide Last Month Than from COVID In All of 2020, With Women Impacted, Most:

Rayn: My post wasn’t an invitation for you to litter my comments section with your pro-authoritarian graffiti, eugenicist. I’m not interested in your ability to regurgitate corrupt, mainstream media monopoly talking points, whatsoever. Did you regularly update your Facebook friends with the government numbers that the media presstitutes unquestioningly reported to the public, when the Killer Clown Cuomo was murdering all of those unsuspecting grandmas and grandpas, then labeling them “COVID deaths”?

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