Human Lab Rats Allow Big Pharma to Install Rushed, Experimental Set of Computer-Generated mRNA-Blueprints Into Naturally Self-Healing Fully-Adaptative Human Immune System

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I discovered the following post here, being shared by the official page for ”NC Department of Health and Human Services,” and originally posted it to my own wall, along with commentary…

“If you received a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine from Comirnaty (previously known as Pfizer) or Moderna: you will receive an additional dose if you are immunocompromised, or a booster dose if you are not immunocompromised.
Learn more about the differences between an additional dose and a booster dose on
Si te vacunaste contra el COVID-19 con la vacuna de dos dosis de Comirnaty (anteriormente llamada Pfizer) o Moderna, recibirás una dosis adicional si tienes un sistema inmunologico comprometido o una dosis de refuerzo si no tienes un sistema inmunologico comprometido.
Para más información sobre la diferencia entre una dosis adicional y una dosis de refuerzo, visita

My Commentary: Did you allow Big Pharma to “install” a rushed, experimental set of computer-generated mRNA-blueprints into your naturally self-healing and fully-adaptative immune system, in order to direct your body to produce synthetic, blood-clot-inducing “spike proteins”?

Congratulations on becoming their permanent customer!

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