When the 1% See More Value In Your Unborn Child’s Death Than You Do In Their Life…

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University Caught Harvesting Genitalia From Aborted Babies for Research:

The University of California San Francisco, a hub for all things abortion in the U.S., is harvesting aborted babies’ genitalia and other organs for research, according to documents obtained by pro-life advocates.

The Daily Wire reports Pro-Life San Francisco made the gruesome discovery in documents that it requested through the California Public Records Act. UC San Francisco is a public, taxpayer-funded university.

(Read entire article here…)

My Commentary: When the 1% see more value in your child’s death than you do in your child’s life, you’re in a very dark cult, neighbor. This isn’t the first time that the US government claimed our taxes were working towards a “progressive,” “science-backed” “medically-driven” society, while they actually institutionalized a racial-hygiene-based eugenics campaign, targeting women, and run by Planned Parenthood. The last time, State “planners” ordered doctors to sterilize the disabled, minorities, indigenous, criminals, and other “undesirables” for almost a century.

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