Facebook Censors Use Junk Algorithms that Artificially Inflate Number of User Violations

I originally posted the following screenshot and statement onto my Facebook wall…

FB has decided to restrict my account, again, for the same exact artwork that I was already restricted in February for sharing. I made this photo album, “Facebook Censorship,” to document their unchecked abuse of power. Meanwhile, my post doesn’t actually violate their TOS (see below).

(I’ve intentionally distorted the right side of the image below, so that I am able post about this round of Facebook censorship without it being further censored)

I had originally posted the artwork a few times, in November and December. Suspiciously, FB has decided to punish me, separately, for each instance that I posted it, instead of combining and removing them all, at once…

I’m not even given the option to appeal the decision, this time… Pathetic.

My February appeal reply:

“As per the Facebook Terms of Service, the artwork I shared does not ‘encourage suicide or self-injury,’ is not ‘graphic,’ does not ‘identif[y] and negatively target victims or survivors of suicide or self-injury seriously, humorously or rhetorically,’ and is not a ‘real time depiction of suicide or self-injury,’ so it is not a candidate for restriction, as it merely raises awareness about the epidemic rise in suicide that has emerged as a result of COVID lockdowns, and the lack of public knowledge or concern about it, due to a year-long, global, hyper-focus on coronavirus.

I have been regularly posting about the sad and alarming phenomenon of the 2020-21 suicide rise on my Facebook wall. The following articles fully support the message and intention of the artwork I shared:

In Japan, More People Died From Suicide Last Month Than from COVID In All of 2020, With Women Impacted, Most:

Suicides on Rise Amid Stay-at-Home Order, Bay Area Medical Professionals Say:

Suicide is Now the Leading Cause of Death for Children Ages 10 to 14 in Ohio:

Suicide Attempts Among Children Skyrocket Amid Pandemic:

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